Jarman Office Furniture has a team of professionals that specialises in office design and furniture. Every business is structured and operates in its own unique way and our job is to understand your needs and design a custom solution to suit you.

Our team of experienced interior designers and furniture and product specialists understand the importance of a well-designed, ergonomic office which allows for continual flow of work, and communication and an increase in productivity.


In our industry, supplying great quality products with outstanding service is essential to build a good reputation. We supply the type of quality furniture that outlasts its guarantees. This is the foundation of our business and sole reason that we have built lasting relationships with clients, architects and designers. Our factory can manufacture custom-designed furniture based on the solution designed for our clients. We can also customise the furniture in the style, finish and size determined and proposed following our consultation.


Eco and green office design has become popular in office interior design for good reason. We have experience with green star rated office projects where specifying green-friendly products is critical. This applies to finishes, the office space plan, lighting, window blinds and air conditioners. Jarman Office also has an eco-friendly range of furniture and finishes.


This is the foundation and most vital aspect of your future office! As a result, our job is to understand the dynamics of your business. We then translate your brief into a functional solution that will benefit your company. Our interior design solutions will ensure a functional, comfortable and aesthetic working environment. Working with a Professional Team is imperative for your project’s success. Therefore, the specialists working on your project will communicate with and understand each other. Similarly, we are happy to work with the project’s team to ensure the end result meets your office requirements.



We firmly believe that filing and office storage requirements determine workstation design and configurations. Jarman Office will perform a filing survey based on the existing filing, which will allow us to:

  • Offer the correct filing solutions to accommodate existing and future filing based on requirements.
  • Maximise the filing and floor space to its fullest potential by recommending more efficient means of filing.
  • Offer filing training on the most efficient ways to file and ensure a well-managed filing system.


Healthy and happy staff are productive staff. Good ergonomics do much more than simply promote comfort and reduce injury risks.

Good ergonomics increases productivity and employee morale. They reduce costs and contribute to company goals. Good ergonomics impacts the bottom line. The largest and most important asset of any organisation is its employees. In addition to protecting that asset, a good ergonomics program is the best way to maximize its potential. The results are not only significant, they are substantial.



Jarman Office offers a range of modular power units that allows you to network power to the end-user. Consequently, this eliminates the need for additional fixed power sockets in the building. Moreover, it also provides cable management solutions and flexibility.

We are able to work with electrical engineers and contractors, specifying the correct customised solutions to the workstations.

Integrated into the design of the desks, the proposed power solutions will ensure minimal exposure of cables. As a result, workstations will be neat, tidy, flexible and efficient.


Jarman Office Furniture prides itself on after-sales service. If any repairs or servicing are required for any of the furniture, our service teams rectify any problems to minimize any inconvenience to the client. We have successfully supplied furniture to all major cities in South Africa. Recently, we have supplied Game Mozambique (Mass Stores) and in previous years Seychelles Petroleum. We have teams available who can install our furniture in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Rwanda and DRC.



New furniture and filing systems are rarely used to their full potential unless your staff are shown how to use these products effectively. Therefore, we hold short post-installation training sessions with your staff so that they can get the most out of the solution we have supplied. Sessions include Office ergonomics 101 as well as product training.